Get a good promoter for your artiste , song(s),video(s),business(es) ,article(s) at a very affordable price.

Artist promotion- Sell your artiste song on Itune, Mtn music plus and other platforms. Your music we be promoted across the internet. We will also help you promote your official page Facebook and twitter available currently. Make your song available in other blog too.
Amateur Artiste package- Song Promotion only available on our blog and four other blogs little Official page promotion
Junior artiste package- Song and Official page promotion
Young master – Song ,Video promotion and Official page promotion
Master -Song,Video and Official page promotion on itunes(little sales ).
Tycoon-Song, Video and Official page promotion. Song and Video will be sold across Nigeria top selling music platform.
Master Tycoon- Song, Videos and Official page promotion on radio stations in Lagos and Ibadan(available currently),sales of song inclusive
Special Package
EP Promotion
Album Promotion (30,000) ten thousand downloads guarantee for the first 14 days of upload.
Make your Music Videos at a very affordable price in HD and with the latest camera we decide or you decide the location . Promotion inclusive
Artist of the Week
Song of the week
Video of the week

You can also promote your article across the web.
Article Promotion

Promote your business
120×240(vertical banner)
300×250 (medium rectangle)-
320×100(large mobile banner)
336×280 (large rectangle)
728×90 (leaderboard)
300×600 (half page)

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