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Is Mami-water Aka Mermaid A Myth?

Mermaid A Myth?

Growing up, I’ve heared so many stories about Mami-water(mermaid) and some seem convincing though but I still have my doubts. For those wandering what a Mami-water(mermaid) is, they are sea creatures, with tail instead of legs and a human body.

  Some believe these creatures possess some supernatural power to make someone rich, some believe they could give someone fame, some believe they are spirits that only come out at night time while some believe they are peaceful and the most beautiful sea creatures(the list is endless).

 In Fact some persons actually call beautiful girls Mami-water(mermaid) some even admire beautiful girls saying, you’re more beautiful than a mami-water(mermaid).

Is Mami-water Aka Mermaid A MythIs Mami-water Aka Mermaid A Myth

Image source: Google.

 My question now is, do this creature’s actually exist? Or is it just another myth? What story have you heard about them?

Source : Nairaland

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