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Lasisi Elenu Biography: 10 Facts About True Him

lasisi elenu
lasisi elenu

Lasisi Elenu Biography: 10 Facts

     Lasisi Elenu, born as Nosa Afolabi, is a popular Nigerian Instagram comedian, an O.A.P, actor, event MC and moderator. He became very popular because of his rants on Instagram, and his self acclaimed title- The number 1 ranter of Nigeria.

    it as it may, not many fans know a lot about their man crush. As a social media influencer, Lasisi has made a big name for himself both home and abroad- owing to the fact that one of his program was support by the British Council. You might be conversant with his opening statements in his comedy videos- Hello everyone! Lasisi is here. Something just happened right now (although there’s a style he uses). But there’s a lot you don’t know about this wonderful Nigerian. Not too worry, you’ll discover everything right here.

 10 Facts About Lasisi Elenu

1) Details of his birthplace and date, parents and siblings, childhood and early life are not available online. But one thing we know is that the unique comedian was born with real names, Nosa Afolabi- although some claim he was born Adeyemi. Nevertheless, we have high hopes that the information would be made available very soon.

2) In case you don’t know, Lasisi Elenu is a graduate of the University of Ilorin. Yes! He read Agriculture and Bio-systems engineering.

3) He’s a huge, and probably a die-hard, fan of the legendary American rapper, Rick Ross. And his love for him influenced his rapping skills. Surprised? Lasisi Elenu is a good rapper, and this could be due to the love he has for Rick Ross.

4) Before he became a comedian and all that, Elenu was a songwriter and a good writer. He said that he abandoned those two after discovering that he had a flair for comedy. Just like he shares his funny videos via the Instagram and Snapchat apps, Lasisi Elenu used to share his songs on both social media before eventually quitting. We do hope he still has that vibe and would eventually sing for us someday.

5) He has bagged a couple of endorsement deals with top notch organizations in Nigeria. Owing to his rapidly growing popularity on the internet, Lasisi Elenu was lucky to score a few endorsement deals with companies like Western Lotto, Ciro Entertainment, Squeeze Records, and even Access Bank PLC.

6) He’s a big cake on Instagram. Pulling over a million followers is no small deal. And that’s just what this amiable comedian has done. Lasisi Elenu has over 1million followers on Instagram, plus the fact that he’s a verified celebrity.

7) He wasn’t born with the talent. He stated one time in an interview that he was not born with the talent of comedy. But after a lot of recommendations from people, he started working on himself and he rose to become what he is today.

8) Being a former singer, Lasisi Elenu has a single hit music. He released it under the name, Nature. 

9) He has being a victim of online bully. Although we don’t have much details about this, we hope this occurrence did not leave any devastating effect on him

10) He’s relationship status is neutral. Despite his growing popularity and sudden emergence in the spotlight, Lasisi has still not hinted us on any signs of being in relationship yet. We do wish him the very best in all his endeavors.

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