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List Of Top 5 Best Night Clubs In Lagos, Nigeria 2019

Are you the type that like clubbing? or you might have been wondering what are the best 5 clubs in Lagos, Nigeria? Which clubs are top 5 and what did they do?

Our ranking is based on review on Google rating and reviews. 

Top 5 Best Night Clubs In Lagos, Nigeria

  1. Club Quilox Victoria Island Lagos
  2. Club 57
  3. Escape Nightlife
  4. Rumors Nightclub, Ikeja GRA
  5. Caliente


1.  Club Quilox Victoria Island Lagos

Best Night Clubs In Lagos
Best Night Clubs In Lagos
This is the most expensive club in Nigeria and West African with an estimate worth of 1 billion naira. Club Quilox is not a club for regular guys it’s a club for big money spender and ballers . It a place where Nigeria top celebrities goes to party and their service is rated 10/10.
 Club is locate in the highland of Lagos state at t 873 Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue Victoria Island. The club is owned by a man who is called ” The King of Night Life” Shina Peller the son of the very popular Nigeria Magician Professor Peller.
Since when it was launched in 2013,Hotel Quilox has carved a classy niche for itself in Nightlife and Night Club business in Nigeria.

2. Club 57 Ikoyi

Best Night Clubs In Lagos


Club 57 is the second best club in Lagos it is located not far from the only artificial highland in Lagos , Banana highland at  Club 57 located in Awolowo Road Ikoyi. 
 The club was founded in 2104 and it have become one of the best club in Lagos and even Nigeria. If you are looking for the club with a great atmosphere,exclusive,comfortable with top notch and quality nightlife then Club 57 is the place to hang out this weekend.
Although the drinks are a little bit pricey, in general it’s quite a decent place to catch fun,it also has a restaurant that serves an array of food from different Nigerian cultures.

3. Escape Nightlife

Best Night Clubs In Lagos

Are you looking to escape your trouble night life? Then escape Night life club is a place place to be.
It is located in the Island at 234B Adeola Odeku St, Victoria Island, Lagos.
If you are looking for a soft,less crowded,club with great excellent customer care service,well trained staff and a banging Dj that then you should check out Escape Night Club.

4. Rumors Nightclub, Ikeja GRA

Best Night Clubs In Lagos

Finally we get to the Lagos Mainland. Rumors Nightclub is known to have the latest things you might be looking for in terms of drinks, music, chair, wine glass and you get the latest type of enjoyment. 
The atmosphere can best be described as infectious, reservations are completely limited.

5. Caliente

Best Night Clubs In Lagos

Caliente Bar and Club has become one of the most popular and hottest clubs in Lagos, owing largely to its fairly priced soft drinks, champagne, liquor and wine – and brilliant finish. The club’s ambience has a cosmopolitan edge with a lovely blend of fun and youth. It’s a place to be.
It is located at 9 Goriola Street, Off Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

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