May Day: Lagos Sex Workers, “We need Right not Rescue”

sex wokers on protest

In celebration of 2019 May Day for workers, Lagos sex workers Demand Rights 

They were represented as they march at the Agege Stadium,Lagos, Southwest Nigeria

Under the union of Ohotu Diamond Women Initiative, the fearless sex workers marched for equal rights without any fear they could be arrested.

Most of the representatives were seen with banners with an inscription”

“Sex workers need rights, not rescue.”

Sex workers in Nigeria have been facing major changes in recent days across the Nation, major arrests and molestation, this move may come as a show of courage.

They have been high rate of prostitution in Nigeria of recent

In a bid to reduce the number of sex workers, about 70 female night club goers arrested and allegedly molested in Abuja following a raid by officers of the Nigerian Police.

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