Noah’s Ark Rebuilt & Opened For Public In Atlanta US


Noah’s ark rebuilt & opened for public in Atlanta, USA. The exact measurements as God gave in Bible.

The real Noah’s Ark was said to have been found near the top of Mount Ararat in Turkey, explorers claim to have found real Noah’s ark.

Noah’s Ark appears in the Genesis flood narrative (Genesis chapters 6–9) as the vessel in which God spares Noah, his family, and a remnant of all the world’s animals from a world-engulfing flood. The flood myth is common to many cultures around the world, and the Biblical version appears to have its primary source in the Mesopotamian myth of Utnapishtim in the Epic of Gilgamesh. The earliest known written flood myth is a Sumerian flood myth found in the Deluge Tablet in which the hero is named Ziusudra. The story in Genesis is repeated, with variations, in the Quran, where the ark appears as Safina Nūḥ (Arabic: سفينة نوح‎ “Noah’s boat”).

Absolutely amazing, but let’s hope there is no incoming flood to destroy the world again smiley

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