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People Falz Dissed In His Trending “This Is Nigeria” Video

falz thi s is Nigeria
falz thi s is Nigeria

Nigerian rapper and songwriter Folarin Falana, better known by his stage name Falz new song “This is Nigeria” which is a cover of Donald Glover’s “This is América” It addresses different social and political issues that Nigerians are confronting at the present time.

In the song Falz mention of killing which is currently peculiar to the Fulani, he also mad mentioned of insecurity, bad governance, Lazy Nigerian youth, poor medical facilities, fake life (Original watch as mentioned), 36 million (snake swallowed in jamb office),rescission, politician who steal money don’t go to prison, fake Prophets, Yahoo boys, SARS and majorly he show an officers trying to read a speech which was copied from the way the Inspector General of Police read his speech (Transmission, sorry, commission, transmission)

Lastly, he talked about tithing in the church were Nigeria pastor take tithe money for their personal use. They use the tithe to establish their personal business. He said some will established a school with the money and make it very expensive for people to go .(he said, It is against the rule of God).

People Falz Dissed In His Trending “This Is Nigeria” Video

  • SARS
  • Yahoo Boys
  • JAMB
  • SARS (Police)
  • Buhari
  • Pastors 
  • BBNaija
  • IGP Transmission
  • Fulani Herdsmen
  • People who live fake life

This is Nigeria Everybody is a criminal, Falz was blast by US based entertainer Jemiriye  were she wrote a long story

Watch the Number One Youtube Trending Video “This is Nigeria

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