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Smallest church in World?

Smallest church in World
Smallest church in World

Have you ever wondered what the smallest church looks like

Reports attest that Chapel on Biku Hill as it it called cause no particular name was given to the church when it was established is the smallest church in the World.

 The church is said to contain 3 people comfortably , the church was built by now-retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, His Lordship Henry Luke Orombi in partnership with a Korean pastor known as Pastor Song in 1996.

The church was built mainly was built aiming at spiritual healing for persons and church groups who visit for a special and personal encounter with God.

Before this, Guinness Book of recorded Canada’s Living Water Wayside Chapel as the smallest church in the world  which can contain 6 people.

Chapel on Biku Hill was discovered by two United Nations workers on an official mission while driving up the Biku Hill in Nebbi Town, Uganda, Solomon Oleny and his colleague, Miburu, 

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