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What are Femi Branch movies? Filmography

Femi Branch
Femi Branch

Veteran Nollywood actor, writer and producer popularly known as Femi Branch whose real name is David Babafemi Mauton Osunkoya is an icon in the Nigeria Movie Industry. Femi Branch has acted in hundreds of films which range from theater play to TV drama and movies. His filmography is listed below not limited to.




  • The Triangle
  • Senseless
  • Orirun
  • Away from home
  • Twisted
  • The Italian Job
  • Akandun
  • Iwalewa
  • Omotara Johnson 3
  • Teni Benson
  • Akuko Ija
  • Arungun Omo
  • Abela Pupa
  • Oju Odeda
  • Obirin Ale
  • Omonikara
  • Ofin Mose
  • Maku
  • Eni Ija Oba
  • Elebute
  • A place in the stars
  • Fallen Angel
  • One good man
  • Out of luck


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  • Domino
  • Behind the siege
  • Blaze of glory
  • Emerald, This Life
  • Needles eye
  • Wives and Concubines
  • So wrong so Wright
  • Desperate housewives Africa. (currently)

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